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Dishwasher Clogged? Check These Common Issues

If you're opening your dishwasher at the end of its cycle only to discover a puddle of standing water around your supposedly clean dishes, it's time to seek the expert services of Denver Appliance Professionals. A clogged or broken dishwasher can throw a real wrench into your household routine, slowing down mealtime cleanup considerably.

Clogs, in particular, can keep the appliance from being able to get those glasses and other items spotless. However, there are a few steps you can take before you schedule professional dishwasher repair: 

  • Clean the drain basket at the bottom of the appliance, removing any food residue, paper labels, or other detritus
  • Unscrew the drain basket to check for clogs below it, in the sump
  • If the drain hose is connected to your garbage disposal, test the disposal—the blockage may be in the disposer

If you're unable to clear the clog yourself, Denver Appliance Professionals is standing by to step in. We offer dishwasher repair throughout the greater Denver area. We'll fix the drain pump, motor, float assembly, or whatever else has made your dishwasher not drain. We put customer service first, while offering some of the best prices for dishwasher repair in the region.

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